Jaya Mandiri Transport

JMT is one logistics channel , basic standard is to handle all shipment (documents / goods ) carefully and arrived at destination safely on time according our SLA. We ensure that all shipments are distribute safely and securely with our transport management.


As your local courier company and one logstics channel, we are provide many mode transportation air , land and sea within indonesia. we provide easy to your track and trace ensure that you know the exact where about of your congsignment at given time. for added peace of mind we can obtain a proof of delivery with revery item


Our success is down to the relationship we build with our customer, we ensure that our team have a clear understand off all your individual needs. the added benefit is that when you speak to our staff, be it your dedicated driver or our customer services team, you will be dealing with friendly , knowledgeable profesional

We Make IT Simple

Intregated people and technology made our team always made inovation to make our bussiness one step ahead.

with our infrastructure and technology made our clients easy to trace and track where is the shipment realy is

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